A Tradition Of Eye Care Excellence
Now with 18 locations across Long Island

Long Island Eye Surgical Care
& North Shore Eye Care
have combined to become

SightMD Now Has 18 Locations Across Long Island
Executive Board
Jeffrey Martin, M.D.

Lawrence Buono, M.D.
John Passarelli, M.D.

Raju Sarwal, M.D.
Aaron Avni, M.D.

Lawrence Zweibel, M.D.

Senior Administration
Shaun Anderson

Jerry Palermo

Jen Thacher
Director of Division Operations
Jackie Brottman
Director of Human Resources

Ruth Regsenberger
Director of Billing and Collections

Jacqueline Hernandez
Director of Community Outreach
Angel Martis
Call Center Manager

James Rienzo
Director of Business Development

Digna Munoz
Accounting Manager
John Passarelli, M.D.
Jeffrey L. Martin, M.D.
Lawrence Zweibel, M.D.
Paul A. Choinski, M.D.
David Immanuel, M.D.
Lawrence M. Buono, M.D.
John Mauro D.O..
William Kasper, M.D.
Stephen Greenberg, M.D.
Grace M. O'Malley, M.D.
Michael Gold, M.D.
Paul Sforza, M.D.
Brian T. McGuinness, MD
Paul Krawitz, M.D.

Christine Speer Buono, M.D.
Faye Knoll, M.D.
Samuel Baharestani, M.D.
Michelle Liebert, M.D.
Kathleen Van Valkenburg, M.D.
Andrew Bainnson, M.D.
Edward Riegel, M.D.
Sergiu Marcus, M.D., Ph.D.
Raju Sarwal, M.D.
Aaron Avni, M.D.
Victor Giamos, M.D.
Michael Savetsky, M.D.
Mina Shoshani, M.D.
Lisa Paolini, M.D.
Neil Nichols, M.D.
Edward Marcus, M.D.
Shetal Shah, M.D.
Carmine Morabito, M.D.
Sandra S. Ahn-Lee, M.D.
Glen D. Scibilia, M.D.
Charles R. Beyer, M.D.
Edward M. Baron, M.D.
Stephan A. Lewen, M.D.
Philip M. Aries, M.D.
Brad Kligman, M.D.
Craig Richter, M.D.
Jonathan Ellant, M.D.
Optometrists & Audiologists
Catherine C. Scandiffio, O.D.
Shari Berman, O.D.
Michelle Adams, RPA-C
Madeline Cohen, O.D.

Vivian Renta, O.D.
Albert Marcantonio, O.D.
Amy Cavallo, M.A., CCC-A
Christopher Lutz, O.D.
Theresa Dempsey, Au.D.
Gerri Competiello, Au.D.
Deborah LaBel, M.S.
Michelle Waller , AuD, CCC-A
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